One click is all you need to book a taxi. When your customer pushes Taxiklingel a booking will be triggered. If you wish to operate the button with two clicks the customer has to press twice to confirm the booking.


Save time with the completely automated process! Once the button was pressed our software takes care of the booking process. No need to call or contact your taxi company in any other way.

Battery Operated

The battery lasts over 2,000 clicks thanks to three special AAA-batteries that power Taxiklingel. The batteries can easily be replaced by opening Taxiklingel on the bottom.

Always Connected

No SIM card or wifi connection needed. Taxiklingel devices communicate with the mobile carrier via an embedded e-SIM.


The display of Taxiklingel is fully customizable and can display a text of your choice. It also shows when the last taxi booking was triggered.

Multi Channel

You can receive bookings via a variety of channels like phone, messenger or directly in your existing dispatch software.

Customize Your Taxiklingel Devices

Besides the display text of Taxiklingel you can also order a custom label for your Taxiklingel devices. The custom label could for example show your logo and your phone number. We also provide a design service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taxiklingel can be connected to existing dispatch systems. It is also possible to signal orders via email, SMS, phone, Telegram or WhatsApp. If you need another notification channel please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Taxiklingel devices can be deactivated individually at any time in Taxiklingel app.

For attachment we recommend a residue-free, removable, double-sided adhesive tape, which can be attached to the corresponding surface on the back of the devices.  In addition, we offer you a special, screwable bracket.

a Taxiklingel device is very handy with a size of approx. 89 mm x 20 mm x 36 mm and a weight of less than 65 grams.

No. The devices communicate with the help of a permanently installed SIM module via Telekom’s NBIoT network and also have 2G fallback technology to ensure optimal network reception.

A power supply unit is not required. Taxiklingel is powered by three AAA batteries, which give it enough power for over 2,000 clicks.

If, contrary to expectations, a Taxiklingel device shows a defect, we will of course replace the affected device promptly.