Receiving taxi bookings via the channels of your choice

There are plenty of ways to notify you about your taxi bookings

Dispatch System

You can connect Taxiklingel to your existing dispatch system. We will take care of the integration with your dispatch software provider.


Our system can notify you about a new booking by calling you and reading out the details. This is a good option if you already have staff that coordinates your bookings.


You can receive new bookings via your email. An email containing all relevant information about the booking will be sent to one ore more email addresses of yours.


New bookings can be sent to you by SMS. Please notice that a small fee is applied if you receive more than 500 SMS per Month.


Our Telegram bot can send bookings to your private chat or group chats. You have to set up the bot one time. Our support will help you with that.


Bookings can also be sent to you via WhatsApp. All you need is one or more WhatsApp numbers where you want to receive your bookings.

Need another notification channel?

Contact us about your desired notification channel and we will do our best to integrate it into our system.

Inquire information now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Taxiklingel can be connected to existing dispatch systems. It is also possible to signal orders via email, SMS, phone, Telegram or WhatsApp. If you need another notification channel please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Taxiklingel devices can be deactivated individually at any time in Taxiklingel app.

For attachment we recommend a residue-free, removable, double-sided adhesive tape, which can be attached to the corresponding surface on the back of the devices.  In addition, we offer you a special, screwable bracket.

a Taxiklingel device is very handy with a size of approx. 89 mm x 20 mm x 36 mm and a weight of less than 65 grams.

No. The devices communicate with the help of a permanently installed SIM module via Telekom’s NBIoT network and also have 2G fallback technology to ensure optimal network reception.

A power supply unit is not required. Taxiklingel is powered by three AAA batteries, which give it enough power for over 2,000 clicks.

If, contrary to expectations, a Taxiklingel device shows a defect, we will of course replace the affected device promptly.